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There are several paths to explore when graduating, two common terms you may come across are graduate schemes and graduate jobs - so what is the difference?

Graduate schemes

A graduate scheme is usually a structured position within an organisation, across virtually all sectors in private, public and third sector businesses. Typically, these schemes are well advertised around the same time every year, are competitive and take on a number of new graduates each year depending on the size of the organisation.

Graduate schemes usually have a set length ranging from six months to three years or more. Commonly, they will involve some form of professional training where you will complete the scheme with a qualification, such as accountancy. A lot of graduate schemes work on a rotation timetable where you will spend an amount of time in different sectors of the business to get a feel for what you like the best and feel your skills are most suited to.

An important factor to remember is there is not always a guaranteed job at the end of a graduate scheme, but it can give you a lot of experience and qualifications which can lead to a great career.

Graduate jobs

Graduate jobs are slightly different to schemes in the way that they are less structured, and often come from smaller businesses who take on a smaller number of graduates than the larger schemes. They are sometimes harder to find out about as they may not be as well advertised, but they can be found across just as many sectors and include a variety of work and job roles.

Generally, graduate recruitment happens later in the year, closer to graduation or throughout the year, whereas graduate schemes tend to recruit at a specific time each year.

Prospects graduate schemes

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Coventry & Warwickshire Graduate Schemes

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