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Warwickshire County Council Apprenticeship Levy Share Programme

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The Warwickshire County Council Apprenticeship Levy Share Programme launched in 2019 to support small businesses in the recruiting and funding of apprenticeship training across Warwickshire. The programme allows Warwickshire County Council to share part of its apprenticeship levy funds to invest in businesses and residents who would benefit from such support.

This scheme not only provides apprenticeship support and introductions to Apprenticeship Providers, it can also potentially unlock a whole variety of business services from our partners. This includes staff training, business growth funding, property search, tender opportunities, growing your network and more.

The programme helps businesses take on apprentices by covering the full training costs associated with an apprenticeship.
For businesses who are interested in taking on their first apprentice or are looking to upskill existing employees as part of their business growth plans, please contact us.

The Warwickshire County Council Apprenticeship Levy Share Programme also offers the opportunity for all businesses to recruit a supported young person with an apprenticeship work opportunity. Across the county we have hundreds of supported young people who may not have found the right role for them yet. These young people bring with them a whole host of untapped skills and will flourish in the right environment. Many supported young people hold a wide variety of potential skills and are an effective solution for businesses to combat skills shortages.

As a recognised opportunity for businesses, we have also dedicated part of our budget to support business in doing just that. Whilst offering someone the opportunity to gain life skills and of course a qualification, businesses can also implement a new skills source and recruitment process with support from ourselves along the way. Our Business Skills Support Advisor will work with you to undertake a free review of your training and recruitment needs and help identify whether an apprenticeship is the best route for your company and can advise on suitable types of apprenticeship for your company.

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