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Sourcing the right talent

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Sourcing the right talent at the right time is such a crucial part of business growth. If this goes wrong it can have a negative effect on a business, stagnating growth and productivity.  

In Warwickshire we aim to work with businesses and support them in exploring multiple options. Across the county there are a wide selection of opportunities to consider when introducing new talent into a business in order to support growth, on a temporary or permanent basis.  

Below are a few examples of the talent pools Warwickshire businesses work with us to access people with new or experienced skill sets.  

  • Schools Work Experience Programmes  
  • Colleges and Training Provider Student Placements  
  • Traineeships  
  • Apprenticeships  
  • Inclusive Apprenticeship  
  • University Internship Programmes  
  • Supported Internships   
  • University Post Graduate Programmes  
  • Employability Programme Work Trials  

Our Business Skills Advisors can support you in working through the different options and building a talent source plan to synchronize with the points where additional talent will be needed.  

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