Schools testimonials

“The Skills for Employment grants have been an invaluable source of funding that has helped Myton tremendously over the years. Using it to support our careers programme, we have been able to purchase career related software programs, training courses for staff, dedicated careers use computers and a bespoke motor vehicle course. In truth, without these grants none of these initiatives, would have been possible.

Careers leaders like myself are always looking to improve, develop and initiate careers related- activities for our students in Warwickshire and these grants help make that happen.

Thank you once again”

Garry Coffey, Careers Leader

Myton School


“This grant money has enabled us to raise the awareness of Careers through our branding and resources throughout the Warwickshire Schools. It in turn is raising aspirations and getting careers talked about within school. Every student now understands their offer of entitlement, where to get help and what to expect.

For us as a trust the next step would be to achieve a Careers Award. This would recognise how far we have come in the last two years and with support to achieve this award through the Warwickshire Skills for Employment Grant it would show how far we have come in our collaborative effort”

Debbie Partridge,Careers and Employability Manager

Midland Academies Trust


At Shipston High School we have been really lucky over the last few years to benefit from The Warwickshire County Council’s Skills for Employment Grant.

This has enabled us to grow and equip our Careers department with not only Careers activities but also equipment that we will be able to use for hundreds of students for many years to come.We have held Careers days with Year 7 and 8 for the last four years delivered by Time 2 Act who are fantastic and always give a really fast paced informative and interesting day. These sessions included understanding their skills, working as a team, setting goals and aspirations, careers choices, CV writing.

In year 8 for the last five years we have been able to work with students who were identified early as SEND, needing a bit of extra help or who may be at risk of NEET. We have taken them on trips to The National Apprenticeship Show, been on taster days at Colleges, attended ‘My World of Work’ workshops and taken part in weekly Careers sessions with our Careers advisor, and 1:1 Careers Interviews. We have also been able to equip our Careers department with 30 tablet computers that students use in their Career’s lessons for research into anything Careers related, Colleges, 6th forms, apprenticeships, applications and anything else they need to look into.

Last year we used the funding to buy a Unifrog subscription for every child and member of staff for two years. Unifrog is an amazing Careers management and information software package that has a huge amount of content available to all our students and their parents.

This year as we are relying on virtual experiences more and more I am hoping to use the funding to buy a smartboard for use in the Careers department. The Skills for employment funding has been invaluable to our school and students and has really helped to enrich the quality of CEIAG at Shipston High School. Thank you very much.

Louise Moorman, Careers Leader

Shipston High School