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Events and Webinars

24 September 2020: Healthy Eating (recording)

Healthy Eating led by HLS Nutritionist Lucy Webb. This webinar covered:

  • National nutrition data
  • What is good nutrition and what does it look like?
  • The importance of good nutrition for: Weight management, sleep, immunity and others
  • How can good nutrition be implemented at home and at the workplace?
  • National campaigns that can be implemented – are they useful?

View the Healthy Eating webinar

19 November 2020: Sleep webinar (recording)

Currently many workplace based employee health promotion programmes focus on weight management and physical activity, yet there is growing evidence to how sleep, its quality or scarcity, can affect employee health, wellbeing and cognitive performance.

In this enlightening webinar Dr Julie Alexander-Cooper, sleep and health consultant at Park Street lifestyle centre, will provide information on how poor sleep can impact on staff health and work productivity, and how gold standard proven sleep strategies can improve employee sleep, wellbeing and work performance. Julie will provide time for ‘Q & As’ and take away strategies and tips for you and your staff to aid a good night’s sleep.

Vew thie Sleep webinar