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Top tips for wellbeing

  • Take personal responsibility and practical steps to look after your own health and wellbeing whilst working from home.
  • Try and stick to a routine. Not only is it good for productivity, it’s good for wellbeing and worklife balance!
  • Don’t stay sat at your desk or stare at your screen for too long. Make sure you take regular breaks. You are entitled to an uninterrupted break of 20 mins when your daily work time is more than six hours.
  • Introduce a range of stretching exercises into your daily routine. The NHS has some low-impact, easy exercises.
  • Regular interaction with others is good for wellbeing. Check in regularly with your colleagues, set up social calls and events like quizzes etc. like you would do if you are in the office.
  • If you begin to feel isolated or working from home begins to affect your productivity, speak to your line manager.
  • You may want to consider completing an Individual and/or Team Wellness Plan to help you identify and manage your wellbeing:
  • If your organisation has one, familiarise yourself with the Employee Assistance Programme, which offers staff access to information, support and guidance (including coaching and counselling where appropriate) on a wide range of topics including work/career, relationship/family, money management and debt and health and wellbeing