My world of work 2020

My World of Work 2020

February 2020 saw the programme launch which offered year 10 pupils the opportunity to engage with multiple employers and build a good understanding of the different sectors, career pathways and progression routes which will support them in building their future career.

This innovative programme is a wonderful opportunity for pupils who are moving towards GCSE year to participate in activities that will offer class room personal development by supporting individuals to identify their own personal attributes, build confidence, prepare job applications, develop CVs and sit mock interviews.

Warwickshire businesses are invited to play an important part in the programme. Employers from a wide range of sectors are invited to join the programme and showcase the careers they have to offer whilst also demonstrating the employability skills they look for when offering young people job opportunities.

Starting with launch assemblies each pupil is handed their own My World of Work 2020 journal to record their journey, complete activities and record their interactions with employers,thoughts on further education and all kinds of career ideas they have along the way.

Whilst employer interaction featured as a high priority for the project, the schools programme workshops really dedicated time and a focus on employability skills and how their own personal attributes contribute to the career direction they take.

  • Discovering personality types and preferences
  • How the world sees me
  • Understanding my skills
  • Developing a CV and more
  • Meeting the boss

Apprenticeship events:

Colleges and training providers will host pupils and businesses to introduce their apprenticeship offer, how they apply and what college life looks like. These sessions are interactive,and pupils are encouraged to ask questions and Identify key qualifications which appeal to them and their interests.

Employers will present the link between apprenticeships and their job roles, what bringing new talent into the organisation means for them and routes to progressions.

My World of Work Week:

My World of Work week see’s businesses across a wide number of sectors host pupils for a session to showcase their business, what their sector has to offer and the career paths for different roles and more.

This session gives the business the opportunity to design an interaction for pupils to directly engage with their staff, inviting them to talk about their career journeys whilst creating interview tasks or scenarios they may use in their recruitment process.

‘Meet the boss’ mock interviews:

Meet the boss sessions gives pupils the opportunity to present their cv’s and experience a mock interview and call upon their programme knowledge to prepare and participate ina real meet the boss situation. Participants will walk through a number of questions with the employer with open, constructive feedback on completion.

All events and workshops leading up to this point will prepare pupils to gain the tools to prepare and gain a positive experience of employer engagement ahead of their transition into the world of work.

Cllr Izzi Seccombe, Leader of Warwickshire County Council and portfolio holder for economic development said:"When speaking to local businesses we learnt that one of the main obstacles to future growth was a skills shortage.

"The Skills for Employment programme has helped to give 30,000 young people access to valuable work experience. My World of Work 2020 is taking this to the next level where we target business sectors and encourage young people of all abilities, backgrounds and interests to be inspired and give them a focus for a future career. The availability of a skilled workforce is key to the county's growth in future years.

"My World of Work 2020 will help to ensure that our young people are ready to step into the workplace and play their part in driving the county's economy forward."

Fay Winterburn, the County Council's business skills lead, added: “It is a great way for employers to be able to engage with young people and this event will be the first of many, with employers hosting events too. We hope it will provide a really positive outcome for young people as to what the world of work looks like.”

She said:“One hundred employers, large and small, across Warwickshire will be part of this. We recognise the importance of large employers on our patch and the great opportunities which sit behind the big names, but we also feel it it is really important for small businesses, who actually make up over 80% of our economy, to also have the opportunity and support to showcase the future careers they have to offer and the important part they play in wider supply chains and the Warwickshire economy."

We are working with Proactive Education, Warwickshire Careers Hub, Coventry & Warwickshire LEP, Coventry & Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce and Career Seekers Direct to deliver the programme.

To find out more please contact skills hub.




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