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As a council we are keen to ensure all of our staff are always supported, but particularly during this challenging time, and we want to share some of the wellbeing support we have been using in the Warwickshire Skills Hub as well as across the council to help you as an individual or as businesses to use to help your employees. Take a look and do let us know if there are any further resources to add in or if you want your story to feature on ‘story of the week’.

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What is wellbeing?

Wellbeing, put simply, is about ‘how we are doing’ as individuals, communities and as a nation and how sustainable this is for the future.

We define wellbeing as having 10 broad dimensions which have been shown to matter most to people in the UK as identified through a national debate. The dimensions are: the natural environment, personal well-being, our relationships, health, what we do, where we live, personal finance, the economy, education and skills and governance.

Personal wellbeing is a particularly important dimension which we define as how satisfied we are with our lives, our sense that what we do in life is worthwhile, our day to day emotional experiences (happiness and anxiety) and our wider mental wellbeing. (ONS definition)

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